Tuesday, May 5, 2009

lost plastic, found plastic

I am morning the loss of a pair of earbuds today. The left side stopped working awhile ago, but the right side bit it today. Now this piece of plastic and metal is completely useless and non-recyclable, sigh. But while out for a run with my earbuds today, during which they met their final demise, I found a cool piece of plastic! It was kind of a full circle moment—one piece of plastic in my life bites the dust another piece of plastic finds it’s way to me. I found this body of a plastic…baby doll? It's a very weird body shape for a baby doll in my opinion. It is definitely not the Barbie-style body shape of many plastic dolls. I think it is this uniquely lovely body shape that caught my eye and led me to pick it up off the street, bring it home, and make it mine. A new piece of modern art(!)—it looks good on the bookshelf. It is completely useless, but it intrigues me, which is more than I can say for my useless earbuds. The earbuds will not get to live a life of glory as modern art on my bookshelf, into the draw (a.k.a. person landfill) for you.


Meg said...

Might be a troll doll.

Juli said...

Ear buds- one of the big electronics stores (Best Buy? Whichever one is not currently going out of business) now accepts electronics recycling- I think the earbuds count.

Doll-- Kind of looks like a fertility doll! Ironic, as it is made from a substance tied to INfertility.

plasticfreela said...

Thank you for the information on electronic recycling! I will stop by Best Buy this week and see if they will take my earbuds.
The is just...unique :)