Friday, May 1, 2009

The 11th month

There is month left of Kerry and my "official" year long plastic diet.
I will need to start cataloging my plastic consumption soon, as I have kept most of what I have consumed.
I also was able to see the movie Addicted to Plastic, which I wrote about last week, and found it to be a nice reminder of why the plastic diet is not just a year long adventure but has become a way of life.


Anonymous said...

The photo at the top of your site is just terrific. This blog is the right combo of personal point of view and information. thanks

plasticfreela said...

Thank you Beth! We really appreciate your readership.

Rasbi said...

Will you be able to create some sustainable items with the plastic you've accumulated? Maybe something modern artsy or somethiing usable? We'd love to see the inventory when you put it toegether. Rasbi

JMcK said...

Congrats on being nearly done with your year. I'm sure it will be a lifestyle, but a year is still really important. I'm wondering - where has Kerry gone? I notice she hasn't posted in a few months.