Friday, December 5, 2008

shame on me

i got a tall hot chocolate from starbucks today in a despicable one-time use throwaway cup.

i'm sorry :(

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plasticfreela said...

So, when I forget my travel tea mug I usually just tell the people at Starbucks or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf "no top" when I order. They always comply…until recently. I have told a couple of people about doing the ‘no top request’ and I heard back from one person that they were at a Starbucks and were told before handing a drink to the customer it has to have a top-it’s a Starbucks rule. I was skeptical because I had never come across this problem in the dozen or so times I had asked for no top but then it happened to me last weekend. I was so mad! I almost didn't take the drink. I wouldn’t have ordered it if I had known they would insist on giving me a plastic cap. We had some back and forth and in the end I took the drink and the top and did not enjoy my hot chocolate as much as usual! Boo Starbucks.