Saturday, December 6, 2008

Plastic bag law in NY

Check this out, it is from a new plastic blogger Juli in NYC.
Welcome to the plastic-less lifestyle Juli :)
There is going to be a new law re: plastic bags in NY. If Governor Paterson does nothing, the new state law will take effect after Dec. 11. and will nullify NYC's stronger law re: plastic carryout bags passed last January.
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Juli said...

Yay! Thanks so much for posting about this.

plasticfreenyc said...

i'm confused about this. aren't they asking people to write in so that new york city is exempt from the plastic bag law?

Juli said...

Yes they are-- because NYC is not exempted, the State law nullifies the existing city law, and the state law would be useless here. All the recycling bins that have appeared since January in stores would likely go away.

This page has details:

Juli said...

Sorry, I meant so say IF NYC is not exempted, etc.