Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where are we at?

Where are we at?....we're still here! If you have been following our blog for a while now you know that over time Kerry and I have let more and more time go between posts...a whole week this time! Don't worry we didn't get sucked into the Great Pacific (Garbage Patch) Gyre...though it is not out of the question.

I thought I'd reflect on our posting (or lack there of) a little today and talk about where we are at. It has been 9 months* of the plastic diet (!) and plastic reduction has become a way of life for Kerry and I. It has become everyday, normal operating procedure, status quo, etc. This is a good thing! We don't have quite as many questions and maybe a few less plastic related frustrations (this is debatable). I think this has reflected on our posting habits. Reducing plastic is less of burden and is less unknown now. So, there is less to report...but there is always something to fact the other day I was asked by my mother, "Do you think you will still keep this up after the year is up?" My automatic response was "YES, of course". It would be hard (near to impossible) to all of a sudden one day (June 1st, 2009-but who's keeping track?) stop caring about reducing my plastic consumption…stop caring about the impact of plastic…stop wanting to make this world a better place—just because our one year project is "over". I think this is especially true because I have always been an environmentalist. What I (and others around me) have learned in the last 9 months is how strongly I care about being a steward of change for the environment. I mean really this is the only planet we have, it is AMAZING, and I kind of like it here :) Reducing my plastic use is just one thing I (and you can) do to be more responsible and I am sure I will keep up my efforts as long as there is plastic (a.k.a. forever). I have wonder if I will be as committed (dare I say militant) about not consuming plastic after June 1st 2009. I really find it hard to believe that I will stop questioning my choices, purchases, and decisions just as much as I do now. Just like they say about any diet…diets don't work you have to change your lifestyle—and I have changed my lifestyle! So, I guess in June I will no longer be on the plastic diet I will just be living the plastic-less lifestyle :)

* We are full-term! We have been gestating in the plastic-diet-womb for 9 months now. We are ready for life in a plastic-less world!

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