Friday, February 6, 2009

These are the only kind of mailing envelops that should be on the market!
(Are you listening Amazon? You who ships books to people in plastic.)

Look how great they are...

  • Double reinforced corners offer superior edge protection (okay)
  • Cushioned with recycled newsprint (sure)
  • Self-sealing (nice)
  • Plastic free! (WOW)
Sustainable Attributes:
  • Made from renewable resources (yes)
  • 90% total recycled content, 50% post-consumer (awesome)
  • Exceeds CPG guidelines (great)
  • Recyclable with mixed papers (perfect or it could be composted)
Viva CareMail mail packaging products! These envelops are soooooo much better than the plastic, bubble plastic, and plastic-paper hybrid mailers on the market—that can't even be recycled. Just goes to show if you look around enough you will find a better option, and by better I mean plastic-free. Happy mailing :)

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