Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mushrooms are temporary, plastic is forever

I went on a mushroom foray this weekend and learned much, but most importantly I learned don't eat just any mushroom and second most importantly I learned that (like most other living things) mushrooms don't like plastic! If you store mushrooms in plastic they will not be able to breath (just like if you were to store humans in plastic) they will sweat (like humans) and then decay and turn mushy (you know where I am going with this). I had noticed that the mushroom sellers at the framer's market are the only people who use paper bags—now I know why—it's not just that we are kindred spirits :)

If you buy loose mushrooms the best way to store them is in the refrigerator in a paper bag or folded in an envelop of wax paper or place them in a glass container and cover it with a dish towel or moist paper towel—no plastic wrap or plastic bags please!

So, why is it that you can find mushrooms sold in plastic wrap at the grocery store—probably because you shouldn't buy mushrooms at the grocery store—or maybe the mushrooms are sealed with nitrogen (or some gas other than oxygen) to keep them looking fresh...either way go natural! Join your local Mycological Association and learn to find your own mushrooms (if I can do it in LA you can do it anywhere) or grow your own While Button or Portabellas (sadly this option involves plastic).

The take away here, at any rate, is that mushrooms can be added to the ever growing list of living things that DON'T LIKE PLASTIC!


Anonymous said...

I always wondered why the mushroom guy at the farmer's market was the only vendor with paper bags instead of plastic.

Good thing I have plenty of places to shop where they mushrooms can be purchased loose!

BlogFantasia said...

Oddly enough, mushrooms can be used as plastic. There is this company that takes the mycelium (roots)of mushrooms and grows it in molds and then it is a natural packaging device. Its crazy, there already is an alternative to plastic, yet people don´t really use it. If you don´t believe me check out this youtube video:

Anonymous said...

watch this!!!
it is like BlogFantasia said. woohoooooooo!

mj23 said...

Perhaps due to mushroom's intense hatred on plastics, it decided to become a plastic alternative itself. Cool!

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