Wednesday, January 28, 2009

no bag! save a tree!

I bought shoes the other day
and told the guy that I didn't need a plastic bag.

He goes "no bag! save a tree!"

what? :)

maybe he meant save a tree from getting choked by plastic bags,
like this one:


Debbie said...

I've had a couple of clerks say to me "yeah, save a plastic tree!" It's nice when they get it, instead of the inane, "are you sure?" when I say I don't need a bag.

plasticfreela said...

Why is it so hard for clerks to comprehend you don't want a bag? I was with a friend the other night and she bought a shirt and the clerk was about to put the shirt into a plastic bag so I said 'She doesn't need a bag' My friend told me 'I'm so embarrassed. Of course I forgot when you are here with me-I always turn down bags'. It made me smile to think I am what people think of when they turn down a bag :)