Saturday, January 24, 2009

Go green LA!

Today I went to the Los Angeles Go Green Expo (arriving in NYC, Atlanta, and Philly later in the year). In deciding to go I was feeling both curious and a little skeptical because my cause is, of course, plastic reduction but the green movement doesn't always embody this cause. This is especially true when it comes to packaging. Often very ecofriendly and green products get packaged in very un-ecofriendly plastic. I find this frustrating, ironic, and sad :( But I wanted to see what this expo had to offer, learn, ask questions, and just be around other people who also care about bettering the environment.

Here are some pictures from the expo...

My first qualm...a plastic bracelet needed to get into the exhibit area! A greener option would have been a hand stamp (soy-based ink of course ;)!

The nonplastic swag I got or bought. I turned down anything from a booth if it was plastic-even if it was made from recycled plastic-and as I turned it down I said why I didn't want it. No plastic, please!

Oh rejoice! Disposable plates, take-out containers and more made from tapioca and bamboo fiber! Find out more at: Very cool!

Oooooh bamboo furniture! I want some :)

I still need to learn more about these biodegradable trash bags. They are biodegradable, but also plastic..."we use ecofriendly applications methods with proprietary plastic additives that are ASTM D6p54 compliant ....our plastic totally degrades in 2 years [and] leaves 0 harmful toxins behind". Plastic, yes. Biodegradable, yes? Confusing, yes...

Plastic grass! Ick. Yes, watering a lawn uses a lot of water, but there are other landscaping options that are not plastic grass.

Overall, it was a good experience. I would have liked to see less plastic but I was happy to see other like minded people and great products not made from plastic...oh I want one of those all natural mattresses that costs waaaaay too much money for me to even think was nice to get to try the mattress out though :)


Anonymous said...

I've noticed your comments on Fake Plastic Fish, and vice versa, so I was wondering if you had read this post ( and the link within it on biodegradable bags. Bio bags can (and should) be composted, but should not be put into landfills because of the gases they release as they break down. To me, this makes it kind of confusing to call it a trash bag, since most of the time we, well, put them out with the trash. Anyway, good luck on you plastic-free efforts!

plasticfreela said...

Katie, Hi. I agree 100%. I think we have commented here on the blog a couple of times about the problems with landfills (or at least I have thought of commenting on it). They are capped when full and then nothing in them biodegrades-it is a shame. I understand some place are beginning to harness the power of landfill off gases for power, which may be a good thing... I asked some questions at the LA Go Green Expo to the biodegradable trash bag people and the biodegradable plates/take-out container people about this very what if it's biodegradable if it ends up in a landfill? And do you know what...neither of the people I talked to knew that landfills get capped and closed off thus preventing the biodegradability of everything in the landfill. I was shocked. Obviously there is still a lot of education to be done in the 'green' products field. Thanx for reading!