Saturday, January 10, 2009

great website for inspiration and renewal

A friend who knows of my plastic purge lifestyle (and what friend doesn’t know at this point!) asked me if I had heard of the website I hadn't, but I have been checking it out a a lot lately and I would like to encourage you all to do the same. It is a general pro-environmental change site maintained by Daryl Hannah. It has info about important environmental issues, facts, knowledge, is really quite interesting...but it is not plastic reductive specific. It has three sections: know dummy, show, and the goods. All have great info/products. I will be going through the 'shows' (short informative video clips) for a while still, but the ones I have seen have been informative and inspiring. The products in the 'the goods' section are also cool-some are plasticy of course-but some are not.

I have found one important part of the plastic diet is a need for continual reinspiration and renewal for why I should do what I do, why it matters, and small reminders that I do make a difference. Some how this website has done that for me. I think it is knowing that there are others out there who also care. It is hard to be on a plastic diet island all the time in a sea of plastic addiction. It is nice to know there are other islands and that maybe we islands can provide some refuge for those poor marine animals (and others) who are suffering because of our plastic addiction. Check it out:

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