Monday, June 1, 2009

Pictures: A year's worth of plastic waste.

Here are the pictures of all the waste plastic I accumulated over the last year.

First I needed to unpack my collection...

Aerial view of one year's worth of plastic waste (446 pieces)!

All the the hard molded plastic waste...most pieces don't have numbered recycle symbols.

Long thin bags I don't remember what they were from, but there sure are a bunch of them.

Milk caps, shrink wrap seals and cheese related plastic. A very colorful array of plastic.

The largest single piece of plastic in my collection-plastic wrap my new mattress came in.

One of the smallest pieces of plastic in my collection-clothing tag thingy.

Okay, that's it. Now everything back in the big plastic tupperware container where my plastic waste is most at home.


Pretender said...

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mikesac said...

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Steve Paul said...

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