Saturday, November 8, 2008

hey you ding dongs, these are recycleable!

That's what my friend Lisa shouted yesterday as she fished plastic bottles out of the garbage can.
It was someone's last day, so we celebrated with coconut chai from Bonobos.
I love my work because we eat together which is pretty efficient in terms of waste.
But 30 plastic bottles of chai kind of kills me!

Oh and listen up, PlasticFreeLA!
Bloomberg is proposing to charge 6 cents for every plastic bag shoppers use at the cash register!
This is super exciting. 6 cents doesn't sound like a lot-- but remember what I said in my last post? 10 cents here, 10 cents there and before you know it-- we have a healthier planet. Well look at what the article says:

"Just a few weeks after Ireland adopted a similar, though much heftier tax in 2002 — charging shoppers 33 cents a bag — plastic bag use dropped 94 percent, and within a year, nearly everyone in that country had purchased reusable cloth bags."


JMcK said...

Giant supermarket gives you 5 cents for each bag you DON'T use, which is the same in economic terms. It makes total sense that there would be a tax, though, as it can cost up to 17 cents for the city to deal with a single plastic bag! See my post:

emscheibel said...

Hi K,

Just finished reading the November issue of Runner's World, and it's a green issue --lots of interesting info if you haven't read it yet, but one thing in particular caught my eye -an org that recycles your energy bar wrappers.

I'm going to sign up and I thought I'd pass it on. Knowing you, you probably already have this link somewhere on your sight!

plasticfreenyc said...

thanks ellie,
i'm on a waiting list to participate with terracycle :(
i want to recycle NOW!
xo kerry

Suzanne said...

I don't get a shout out for sending you the bloomberg article???

plasticfreenyc said...

THANK YOU to suzanne, kevin and nora for sending me plastic articles on friday!

and for annie for sending me a plastic article today!

you are all the best!