Thursday, May 8, 2008

Countdown to June 1

Starting on June 1, Erin and I have committed to using only one piece of plastic per day. For the next two weeks, I am whittling down my plastic usage and marveling at how much plastic is EVERYWHERE. Yesterday we had a (lovely) Mother’s Day bbq. complete with plastic cups, forks, spoons, knives etc. I even brought a fruit salad that was in a plastic container :0 So I have to get my act together quick! In nature, fruit doesn’t come wrapped in plastic and we all know it’s quite possible to make a fruit salad without using any.

On a positive note, I have been bringing my coffee mug with my everywhere. I worried that baristas would be grumpy about it, but they are more than happy to fill my mug, charge me less, give me free refills–they love it!

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